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Oct 142004

I played an interesting house party last weekend. Here was the lineup, as emailed to me by the party planner…
      jason of the red house painters
      girl chasers of the unflushables
      craig as a verb of new jersey
      jack tuftee formerly of pink floyd jr.
      ROSS of need i say more
      stephanie and friend from some band ceitzgeist?
      the sort ofs

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Despite the Hellpets being of undeclared sexual orientation, we had the distinct honor of performing in the PSU park blocks this past Monday for National Coming Out Day. Following us was the amazingly fun, bear-riffic band Sneakin’ Out. Their mandolin, xylophone, bass and percussion powered instrumental tunes include a cover of a song by The Captain and Tennille. How can you beat that? And speaking of beatings…our set was bookended by brief stump speeches by city council candidates Nick Fish and Sam Adams, who both seemed to be on the up and up. Mayoral candidate Jim Francesconi was also scheduled to appear, but never showed. Perhaps things were a bit too GAY for the future also ran. Here are a couple of pictures courtesy of Mr. Mark Person. Click to enlarge.


The saga of the new records continues with its dramatic trajectory. My solo album, “Country”, has been sent to the cd manufacturer and advance copies should be available from me in about a month. The arrival time of the new Hellpets album, “Optimism”, is a little less certain. I’ll just say that family reunions and immigration law are both involved. The plan is still to release these records simultaneously, though that probably won’t happen in any official sense until January 2005.

And by the way…
Don’t allow bigotry to be written into the Oregon constitution.
Vote NO on 36.

I approve this message,

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