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I’ve been producing some new songs by the amazing local acoustic rock duo Quality Name Brand and the first round of mixes are nearly complete. These guys are not to be missed! In other news, I was hilariously sent up – solo acoustic style – by Celesteville mastermind Jake Anderson at a recent holiday gathering. It was like being the guest of honor at a roast…and coming from a creative force of his magnitude, it was especially humbling. Thanks, Jake!

At the same party, I witnessed a mind-blowing performance from Matt whose musical project is called Natural Bridges (and who don’t seem to have a website). Check out his record, Variations on Birdsong, if you come across it. The brilliant songwriters just keep emerging from the Portland woodwork!

 December 6, 2004  Posted by Ross at 5:20 pm Posts No Responses »

Our last show of the year at the White Eagle a couple of weeks ago was a fun, raucous affair. Go see the Vulturines and Giant Bug Village at the next available opportunities. During this brief hiatus from shows, we’re putting the finishing touches on the new Ross and the Hellpets full-length album and planning a spring ’05 tour of the pacific northwest. Also, according to my sources, the new Ross Beach solo cd will be shipping from the factory in a couple of days. I’ll create a Paypal link for that as soon as it becomes available.

As you can imagine, I’m disappointed about what happened to our country one month ago today. The “land of the free” decided that certain minority groups should be denied equal rights. The “home of the brave” succumbed to fear-mongering. Fifty-one percent of the country decided they were more personally affect by the prospect of gay marriage than by the government giving false rationales for sending their children off to die in a war. Funny thing, though…the exit polls didn’t say that. Only the “official” results. The computer-tabulated, un-auditable, unverifiable official results. Welcome to the illusion of democracy.

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