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This is why I don’t have a page on LiveJournal. It would never get

As usual, much has happened since I last posted. We’ve gotten mixes of
the songs for Optimism, the new Hellpets record, and they’re currently
in Baton Rouge being mastered by the capable ears of our friend Mike.
Meanwhile, our other friend (and graphics wizard extraordinaire) Megan
has signed on to do the album art layout. A date for the simultaneous
release of Optimism and Country is being decided on. Hellpet touring
plans are being discussed. Local performances have been hinted at. I
took a trip to href="http://share.shutterfly.com/action/share/view?i=EeAOW7Vy0auGzjI&open=1&x=1&sm=1&sl=0#">New York. Witnessed the debut of the band href="http://www.handvband.com" target="_blank">Heroes & Villains, opening for href="http://www.myshkinsrubywarblers.com" target="_blank">Myshkin’s Ruby Warblers at
Mississippi Studios. Finished mixing an EP by local acoustic rock duo href="http://www.qualitynamebrand.com" target="_blank">Quality Name Brand; began a
recording project for the artist currently known as Jaqqxila; saw
PDX homies Colin Meloy, href="http://www.luckymadison.com/modernstate.htm" target="_blank">Modernstate and href="http://www.vivavoce.com" target="_blank">Viva Voce terrorize the Doug Fir; hung
out with Tommy of The Wanteds
at Davy Jones Locker; got my mind blown by href="http://www.minmae.com" target="_blank">Minmae at the Tonic Lounge; started helping
to make plans for the 2005 PDX-Pop
local music festival. All in all, a pretty good couple of

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