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I love digital photography! A couple of months ago, an Oregonian reporter asked to use one of my PDX-Pop Now! photos in a piece about the local band Blitzen Trapper. It was in the A&E last month and I got a photo by-line! The same picture also appeared in a Berbati’s Pan ad. Let’s hear it for my amateurish photographic stylings!

In other photographic news, I recently had a chuckle with local singer/axe-mistress, Erika Meyer of the band Serpentone. Somehow, the following digital picture found it’s way onto their website. Compare that to what I suspect to be the original, un-doctored version.


Fascinating, no? Erika was quick to blame her former bass player, even though I assured her that I really, honestly thought it was just hilarious.

 April 29, 2005  Posted by Ross at 5:12 pm Posts No Responses »
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