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Mar 172006

What I’ve been doing:
1. Mailing 288 copies of Optimism to college and community radio stations.
2. Rocking out to an enthusiastic and appreciative audience in Vancouver, Washington.
3. Sending press releases to papers and radio stations along the route of the April 2006 Curious Pets mini-tour.
4. Having a few press releases returned to my house because the post office forgot to apply the postage sticker.
5. Being struck with awe at the beauty of Natural Bridges, the delightfulness of Alan Singley + Pants Machine, the unbridled passion of Curious Hands and the tastiness of Captured By Porches.
6. Working on the PDX Pop Now 2006 compilation and festival.
7. Working on new songs and plotting some new albums.
8. Seeing Robyn Hitchcock and the Minus 5 rock out at the Doug Fir.
9. Being narrowly defeated in a contest of Academy Award predictions.
10. Planning trips to Louisiana.
11. Being blown away by the hard rock stylings of LKN and the trance-y, if largely pre-recorded, sonic layers of Talkdemonic.
12. Sending follow-up emails to college radio music directors.
13. Cooking(!).
14. Witnessing the brilliance of Stuart Valentine and Please Step Out Of The Vehicle.
15. Sitting in on drums with The Mouse That Roared at a house party.
16. Watching my friend Tyler play in 8 different bands in a single night.
17. Forgetting to update my website.

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