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Much, much going on, as always! (though I’m sure it’s hard to tell from reading this website)

Firstly, the diary and photos from the Curious Pets ’06 northwest tour are almost ready to post. With any luck, you’ll be vicariously rocking your way through the obscure northwestern regions of your subconscious by the end of the week.

Nextly, I’m gearing up for a brand spanking new recording project. More news on that later, unless I decide that it’s simply too top secret!

Lastly, I’d like to announce the 2006 Ross and the Hellpets “Five Quadrants” tour of Portland, Oregon. We will be playing one show a month for the next five months, hitting each of our city’s five beautiful quadrants in clockwise order. We begin on May 6th, playing the North quadrant with our insanely talented friends Quality Name Brand. Then, June 17th as the debut rock show of the Driftwood Bar in the scenic Northeast quadrant. And, to those who would write to point out the impossibility of there being any other number of quadrants besides four, I can only say: Welcome to Portland! According to certain locals, we have six.

 April 18, 2006  Posted by Ross at 8:23 pm Posts, Tour Diaries  Add comments

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