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May 032006

I just got back from jazzfest in New Orleans where things were refreshingly upbeat. Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello and Ani Difranco were predictably, and thankfully, critical of the federal government’s inept handling of the hurricane aftermath. Bob Dylan might have been too, except it was impossible to tell what he was saying. The city of my birth showed some distinct signs of progress since November, when I last visited, but things are still generally effed up.

Last week, the Portland Mercury was nice enough to plug a recent Neutral Milk Hotel book for which I was interviewed as well as our new tour diary. They also made mention of a solo show at Mississippi Pizza on Monday night, but I wasn’t there. I’d been offered the show, but had to turn it down because of my trip. I didn’t see the paper until I got back, so I apologize if it caused any inconvenience.

I’m in the listings this week for Saturday night at Porky’s on N. Lombard, but I’ve just received word that the bar has a new owner and has called off all of the scheduled live entertainment. What the business strategy of this is, I couldn’t say.

In more “actually happening” live music news, we’ve booked a show at Acme for July 7th. I’m told that the outdoor patio stage will be complete by then, so it’s going to be a lantern-lit, rock’n'roll luau of epic proportions. The rest of the lineup is to be announced.

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