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My universe lost two extraordinary people in the last three weeks. I hadn’t been in touch with either for a few years, but they were the sort of people by whom I knew I would always be welcomed. Both were artists, painters and musicians. I doubt that either had health insurance.

Glenn Kennedy of Monroe, Louisiana was my bandmate in an improvisational avant-jazz band called The Third Eye. Prior to that, his band “Pete”, played five house parties in my Ruston, La. living room. He was a noted muralist who was probably best known for an ornate painting he did on the ceiling of a downtown Monroe church. He had an incredible dry wit and he never ceased to make me think. Also, he had great taste in women.

Will Westbrook of Athens, Georgia played with me in early lineups of The Gerbils and Clay Bears. He collected bizarre photographic and musical equipment, hosted nickel-ante poker games, and once had a porch sale that lasted a month. He had an irrespressible enthusiasm and was constantly introducing me to new things. I’ve had three of his artworks up in my house for the last 10 years. They were class assignments that he was planning on throwing away, but they’re great. He was also the first person to ever tell me that my solo recordings were good.

You guys are already missed.

 December 13, 2006  Posted by Ross at 6:36 pm Posts No Responses »
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