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May 142007

It’s mid-May and this this my first entry of 2007… That new record I’m working on must be great, eh?

Here are my official excuses. Been hard at work on a new recording project (a departure…details to follow someday). Been putting the finishing touches on my solo EP for Love Harder which comes out officially this Friday and that will be available for free download on this website. Been working on some new Hellpets material. Been completely drained by the experience of dealing with issues surrounding the arrangement of a venue for PDX Pop Now! 2007. You think I was jaded before? Some of the unprofessionalism I’ve encountered in the last four months has made me worse. There’s more, but this isn’t the forum.

I played to the largest audience of my life a few weeks ago. There were approximately 15,000 people in attendance at a peace rally and march on the park blocks in downtown Portland on March 18th. We busted out all of our anti-war, anti-corruption, anti-Bush songs for a full-on protest set. Of course, our timeslot was just as the march part was beginning, so we mostly played to the backs of people’s heads as the walked away from the stage down the parade route. I’m told that there were plenty of older people covering their ears in a not-so-subtle protest of our musical genre. Awesome. Here’s a photo.

Be sure to check out that YouTube video of me playing “Pepper” at a coffee show on NE Broadway in Portland a few years ago. It was shot by Chris Piuma of the Minor Thirds.

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