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Nov 062007

Okay, so as blogs go, mine is a joke.

Remember the recording project I mentioned in May? I’m still working on it and have begun planning the next two. I’m entering my second year as President of the Board for PDX Pop Now, which is a purely administrative title, but it’s fun to say. The Hellpets are still all practiced up…not that we have anything booked or anything. Life continues to be weird, in mostly the good ways. My Halloween costume this year was dashing as hell. I’m still not a fan of standard time. I’ve had a great year at the plate playing softball. I’ve recently become aware of some legitimate uses for Bacardi 151. The quasi-famous music producer Jon Brion puts on an incredible solo performance that you should check out if you find yourself in Los Angeles. Tube microphones take longer to warm up in the wintertime. There’s something to be said for a well-prepared bowl of mac and cheese. We should all spend more time with friends. The Portland State football team has no defense. The longer the campsite hike-in, the less likely that other people will be there. Local food is becoming rare.

That doesn’t quite bring us up to date, but it’ll have to do.

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