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Feb 232009

Really, it’s the same old website, only tidier, easier to navigate, and with this blog section a little more prominently placed (to make it easier to notice how rarely I post to it). Rest assured that the 1990s era technology, lovingly used to originally create this internet outpost, lives on into the 21st century.

On Saturday night, I saw an amazing and moving performance of Julian Koster’s band The Music Tapes at Backspace here in Portland. Static, the singing television, and the 7-foot-tall metronome all made their usual contributions. Meanwhile, the time-honored formula of horns, toy instruments, and having a dozen people on stage at once was worked to near perfection. If you have the opportunity to catch them, you absolutely should. It was a memorable show executed by truly sweet people.

The official release of Ross Island Bridge: Volume 1 will be in April. Release show details are forthcoming.

I’ve just completed recording the second song of my follow-up. This one will be a proper solo album. The tambourine is getting a workout.

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Feb 052009

I’m not a person who typically makes New Years resolutions. I like to think of myself as someone who will simply do something they need and/or want to do, without artificial pressure. In that spirit, I’m not so much resolving, but rather, actively intending to write more on this website…and possibly do a complete re-vamp into a more blog-tastic format. More frequent posts might also mean more mundanity and minutia, but I’m sure you’re dying for that.

Today’s update: Saturday’s house show went a long way towards cementing the legendary status of my house shows. I played first, followed by T.S. Brooks, Dr. Something and the Poppin’ Fresh Love Engines, and Spirit Duplicator. I played a T.S. Brooks song and Spirit Duplicator played a Ross Beach song. Hopefully, there will be some video of the proceedings posted here soon.

After much help from Mike Merriam, Bae Bae and Roxy, my new album: Ross Island Bridge – Volume 1: The Process Is Now The Work is currently at the pressing plant. Look for an April 2009 release. I’ve almost completed recording the first track of the follow-up album, but it still needs some shaker and tambourine. All songs need more shaker and tambourine.

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