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This past January, I began doing a radio show on xray.fm/KXRY 107.1 in Portland, Oregon. So, now I can add “Radio DJ” to my long list of volunteer jobs! The show focuses largely on local music, upcoming local shows, and whatever other weird stuff I decide to put on the airwaves.

You can stream it live on Friday afternoons from 2-3pm pacific time, or stream the most recent two weeks of shows anytime, by visiting xray.fm/shows/alive-with-pleasure.

 April 14, 2016  Posted by Ross at 6:16 am Posts No Responses »

Rather than wait for years until I have a completed collection, I’m going to start posting songs as I finish them…or get them in a semi-finished state. Here’s one that might possibly be on a future album. Also, possibly not. Enjoy!

 November 13, 2015  Posted by Ross at 4:22 am Audio No Responses »

The lovely people at the sound camp Tectonic asked me to play a set during one of their live music nights at Burning Man this year. Here are a few songs from that set, performed during a rather impressive windstorm. It would have made a great tour diary entry, if only I were still writing those. Enjoy!

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Come to an evening with Class M Planets, Ross Beach, and Kayla Sega at McMenamin’s White Eagle in Portland, Oregon this Tuesday, April 15th. Soothe your aching tax returns and transform the deductions of your mind.

8:30pm – Kayla Sega
9:30pm – Ross Beach
10:30pm- Class M Planets

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Here is my first attempt at creating a music video!  The song is “Pack Up Your Longings” from my brand new (as of March 2014) album, Ascension Parish.  I used a single, continuous shot from the window of a city bus in Portland on Day 1 of “Snowmaggedon 2014″.  Let me know what you think.

 March 8, 2014  Posted by Ross at 9:02 pm Posts, Video No Responses »

My new country/folk/americana solo album, Ascension Parish, is officially scheduled for a March 25th release, but you can hear it and buy now at rossbeach.bandcamp.com

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These were recorded by the fantastic Steve Kozik.

Part One:

Part Two:

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Here’s a new theme mixtape for your listening pleasure! The theme this time: Island.
If you’d like to suggest a theme for a future mixtape, I will certainly consider making one.


The copyright to the songs contained therein belong to the individual artists, so don’t use them for commercial purposes if at all possible.

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Wherein amazing sets were played by…

Mono Operandi:

Mono Operandi


Hot Apparatus:

Hot Apparatus

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Oct 262012

We had a really fun show at The Foggy Notion in north Portland recently. From now on, I might only play venues that have skee-ball.


 October 26, 2012  Posted by Ross at 10:46 pm Posts, Shows, Tour Diaries No Responses »
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