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Ross Beach – So It’s Come To This (2007)
Fortunes Fading
In Your Dust
So It’s Come To This
Holiday All The Way
I Love You Harder
Digi Jive

Ross and the Hellpets – Optimism (2006)
It’s Over
Both Horses

Ross Beach – by request in my living room (01/29/05)
Hopelessly Devoted to You (John Farrar)

Ross Beach – Country (2005)
Ballad of 1999
Can’t Be Good
Another Country Mile

Ross and the Hellpets – Live @ The Blackbird – Portland, OR (2003)
Say (W. Cullen Hart)
Inclement Weather

Ross Beach – You Make It Look So Easy (2003)
You and Me
All This Non-Stop Fun

Ross and the Hellpets – Teddy Bears Gone Bad (2002)
You Count More
Those Days Are Over

Ross Beach – Ride Theory (1999)
For Katherine in Australia (Part 5)
I Have Everything

By June – Live @ M’s (1999)
People All Around (Ross Beach/Christine Blanchard)
I’ll Be Gone (Bill Doss/Lucy Calhoun)

Absolute Pleasure – a tribute to Rocky Horror (1998)
Science Fiction/Double Feature (O’Brien)

Chicken Ranch Round Up III (1997)

Ross Beach – Tender Severity (1997)
Humming Along
The Rats

Ross Beach – Utopian Love Songs (1996)
The Other
I Like You

Ross Beach – The Handcrafted Heart Sickness Calliope (1994)
Example #1
Chance Meeting

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  1. I was with one of the bands on the first chicken ranch roundup. Is it still possible to get a copy of that CD?

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