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Feb 052009

I’m not a person who typically makes New Years resolutions. I like to think of myself as someone who will simply do something they need and/or want to do, without artificial pressure. In that spirit, I’m not so much resolving, but rather, actively intending to write more on this website…and possibly do a complete re-vamp into a more blog-tastic format. More frequent posts might also mean more mundanity and minutia, but I’m sure you’re dying for that.

Today’s update: Saturday’s house show went a long way towards cementing the legendary status of my house shows. I played first, followed by T.S. Brooks, Dr. Something and the Poppin’ Fresh Love Engines, and Spirit Duplicator. I played a T.S. Brooks song and Spirit Duplicator played a Ross Beach song. Hopefully, there will be some video of the proceedings posted here soon.

After much help from Mike Merriam, Bae Bae and Roxy, my new album: Ross Island Bridge – Volume 1: The Process Is Now The Work is currently at the pressing plant. Look for an April 2009 release. I’ve almost completed recording the first track of the follow-up album, but it still needs some shaker and tambourine. All songs need more shaker and tambourine.

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This thursday at 7pm the Hollywood Theater is hosting the premier of the locally produced web series Everything Will Be Fine, which will be shown on the big screen. A bunch of my friends are involved in the production, and (at least) one of my songs is being used in the soundtrack (or so I’m told) not to mention songs by The Shaky Hands, Grey Anne and a ton more. It will be a gala event – and it’s free! It’ll also probably be over by 8:30, leaving plenty of evening for the party to rage on elsewhere. Yay for local art, and especially for crossovers between worlds of visual art and music.

Also, my new record will be going to press sometime in the next month. Hard to believe, right?

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I just posted two new live Hellpet recordings! The Show And Tell Gallery recording is pretty low quality, but the affair is buoyed by our considerable wit..not to mention the inspiring story of Rojo the therapy llama. The Twilight Cafe recording is excellent, and features the five-stringed version of many Hellpet favorites. Plus: gratuitous swearing!

Here we are soft-rocking for the First Thursday art and performance crowd at Melissa’s place.

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We’ve actually played a couple of shows since the last time I updated this site! I’ve been busy with PDX Pop Now, and also with completing my new solo disc. It has a Portland theme, so stay tuned.

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Mar 082008

Just posted to the video page, a clip of me playing at my house party in January.

In other news, the new album is currently being mixed by Mike Merriam, and I’m starting to think about the new, new album.

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Mar 072008

Just posted to the video page, an old clip of me at Costello’s Travel Cafe in Portland.

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Happy New Year, everybody! I’m feeling cautiously optimistic.

I just posted a couple new mp3s. My song “Stickum Tree” has been covered by Portland band Bull Dozers, and it’s quite good. Hear their version here. Hear my original version here.

I posted a couple of “shows”, and also the potential of shows. Meanwhile, my current recording project is slowly plodding along. Ah, scheduling.

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Nov 062007

Okay, so as blogs go, mine is a joke.

Remember the recording project I mentioned in May? I’m still working on it and have begun planning the next two. I’m entering my second year as President of the Board for PDX Pop Now, which is a purely administrative title, but it’s fun to say. The Hellpets are still all practiced up…not that we have anything booked or anything. Life continues to be weird, in mostly the good ways. My Halloween costume this year was dashing as hell. I’m still not a fan of standard time. I’ve had a great year at the plate playing softball. I’ve recently become aware of some legitimate uses for Bacardi 151. The quasi-famous music producer Jon Brion puts on an incredible solo performance that you should check out if you find yourself in Los Angeles. Tube microphones take longer to warm up in the wintertime. There’s something to be said for a well-prepared bowl of mac and cheese. We should all spend more time with friends. The Portland State football team has no defense. The longer the campsite hike-in, the less likely that other people will be there. Local food is becoming rare.

That doesn’t quite bring us up to date, but it’ll have to do.

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May 142007

It’s mid-May and this this my first entry of 2007… That new record I’m working on must be great, eh?

Here are my official excuses. Been hard at work on a new recording project (a departure…details to follow someday). Been putting the finishing touches on my solo EP for Love Harder which comes out officially this Friday and that will be available for free download on this website. Been working on some new Hellpets material. Been completely drained by the experience of dealing with issues surrounding the arrangement of a venue for PDX Pop Now! 2007. You think I was jaded before? Some of the unprofessionalism I’ve encountered in the last four months has made me worse. There’s more, but this isn’t the forum.

I played to the largest audience of my life a few weeks ago. There were approximately 15,000 people in attendance at a peace rally and march on the park blocks in downtown Portland on March 18th. We busted out all of our anti-war, anti-corruption, anti-Bush songs for a full-on protest set. Of course, our timeslot was just as the march part was beginning, so we mostly played to the backs of people’s heads as the walked away from the stage down the parade route. I’m told that there were plenty of older people covering their ears in a not-so-subtle protest of our musical genre. Awesome. Here’s a photo.

Be sure to check out that YouTube video of me playing “Pepper” at a coffee show on NE Broadway in Portland a few years ago. It was shot by Chris Piuma of the Minor Thirds.

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My universe lost two extraordinary people in the last three weeks. I hadn’t been in touch with either for a few years, but they were the sort of people by whom I knew I would always be welcomed. Both were artists, painters and musicians. I doubt that either had health insurance.

Glenn Kennedy of Monroe, Louisiana was my bandmate in an improvisational avant-jazz band called The Third Eye. Prior to that, his band “Pete”, played five house parties in my Ruston, La. living room. He was a noted muralist who was probably best known for an ornate painting he did on the ceiling of a downtown Monroe church. He had an incredible dry wit and he never ceased to make me think. Also, he had great taste in women.

Will Westbrook of Athens, Georgia played with me in early lineups of The Gerbils and Clay Bears. He collected bizarre photographic and musical equipment, hosted nickel-ante poker games, and once had a porch sale that lasted a month. He had an irrespressible enthusiasm and was constantly introducing me to new things. I’ve had three of his artworks up in my house for the last 10 years. They were class assignments that he was planning on throwing away, but they’re great. He was also the first person to ever tell me that my solo recordings were good.

You guys are already missed.

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